Cartier Tiger Edition

  • TIGER:The tiger is 24 carat gold plated with hand engraving.

  • body:The base of the back surface is covered with Nile crocodile skin (can be any color, write when ordering)

  • Logo:The logo covered with jewelry enamel

    • stones:The product is inlaid with natural rubies

    • CAMERA FRAME:Рlated with 24 carat gold with hand engraving

    • sides:Рlated with 24 carat gold with hand engraving

    • power button:Made of artificial sapphire

5 800$

Uniqueness, independence, individuality: Through exclusive and jewelry work, we have emphasized the uniqueness of this iPhone. The back panel is upholstered in the highest quality Nile crocodile leather and a gold tiger with 3 rubies. The tiger was chosen as the basis of the design for a specific reason – it is the oldest symbol of nobility and happiness, wisdom and supernatural strength. The hand-engraved design on the sides of the phone makes an unforgettable impression. A nameplate with initials is installed in the lower part. The phone is unlocked for all networks around the world and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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