Classic Ornate Aristocrate

  • apple:The logo in the shape of an apple is made of pure gold with LED illumination along the contour.

  • body:The basis of the case is natural brown Nile crocodile skin, which forms a harmonious combination with the golden color of the frame.

  • TOP AND BOTTOM FRAME:Made from carbon

    • TOP AND LOWER PANELS:Рlated with hand engraved 24 carat gold

    • sides:Рlated with hand engraved 24 carat gold

5 400$

For true connoisseurs, there are no minor details. The back panel of this iPhone is covered in black Nile crocodile leather. Gold-plated and hand-engraved inserts add exclusivity. The side surface of the phone looks like a work of art due to the drawing, which is also hand-engraved. Apple logo in 18K gold, 24K gold plating on the phone case and buttons. The phone is unlocked for all networks around the world and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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