Golden Time Loop

  • camera frame:Made of pure gold with hand engraving.

  • body:Made of pure gold with hand engraving (weight 300 grams).

  • stones:The phone is encrusted with 200 black diamonds

    • Watch:The phone has a built-in Tourbillon watch with a custom dial

    • sides:Made of pure gold with hand engraving.

70 000$

A phone designed exclusively according to the laws of luxury. Chained and eccentric, his appearance shows dynamics and wealth. The body of this phone is completely covered with a hand- engraved pattern. A design that is unmatched, with over 240 hours of craftsmanship spent on it. The phone case is made of gold (weight 300 grams). On the back there is a Turbillon watches with a custom dial. Combined with a high-quality design, we encrusted 200 black diamonds into the body of this iPhone. The phone is unlocked on all networks around the world and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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