Brand Story Creation

Jewelry works were valued at all times, they talked about the prosperity and authority of their owners. In today’s world, this role has gone to functional fashionable gadgets. Therefore, we combined the eternal and trendy, connected jewelry and constructive. So there was Aurum Edition – the transformation of personal gadgets into a product with a one-of-a-kind jewelry design. Designers, engineers and jewelers are working on the creation of each Aurum Edition model. They are covered with precious metals, encrusted with precious stones, covered with leather and / or rare tree species – so that the combination of noble and valuable materials becomes a single whole. A masterpiece that gives aesthetic, tactile and emotional pleasure to its owner. Exclusive design in the laboratory Aurum Edition is akin to alchemy. We are also passionate about the beauty and secrets of precious substances, but instead of a philosopher’s stone, we are served by our sense of beauty and long experience of working with jewelry. Each model in our collection has unique physical and aesthetic properties. But if you want to embody your own imagination, we will carry out the personal design of your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone, tablet, electronic clock.

The history of creating Brenda

In the famous movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, where Marilyn Monroe sings that diamonds are the best friends of the girls, she lists the names of the legendary jewelry brands in the chorus: … Tiffany’s … Cartier … And then adds: “Richard Goldman will tell me all about them! “Who is this mysterious Richard and why at different times did diamonds associate with his name?
Richard Goldman (Richard Goldman) was born in a wealthy family in Woolwich, the working district of London. From an early age, the boy was interested in metals and minerals, especially stones. At the age of 12, when he went to the pawnshop, he recognized a 25-cent stone emerald in two carats.

At the age of 24, Richard opened his own workshop. At that time, the only thing he could afford was to buy at auction family treasures of small English aristocrats. These were mostly old-fashioned jewelry, which the rich did not want to wear anymore. Richard took out precious stones from them, remelted the metals and arranged them in a completely new design.

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