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About Us

Jewelry works were valued at all times, they talked about the prosperity and authority of their owners. In today’s world, this role has gone to functional fashionable gadgets. Therefore, we combined the eternal and trendy, connected jewelry and constructive. So there was Aurum Edition – the transformation of personal gadgets into a product with a one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

Designers, engineers and jewelers are working on the creation of each Aurum Edition model. They are covered with precious metals, encrusted with precious stones, covered with leather and / or rare tree species – so that the combination of noble and valuable materials becomes a single whole. A masterpiece that gives aesthetic, tactile and emotional pleasure to its owner.

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Hello, dear readers! My name is Dmitry, I do professional customization and modification of smartphones, watches and other gadgets in my own company Aurum Edition. Our masters team covers their with precious metals, encrusted with stones and materials, does logos and personal signs. Serial devices are transformed into beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, unique works of jewelry art, breathtaking … However, you catch my attitude to the work and its results, when you know my story.

I love beautiful things, especially phones, even from my youth. In my student years, when it was very little money, I was deeply impressed by legendary phone Nokia 8800. The first time I saw an advertisement of this phone in 2005, understood perfectly that it has unimaginable price for me. But I had a great desire and set a goal to get it. After some time, the goal was achieved: I bought a Nokia 8800 on ebay, from the owner in the UK. Obviously, this person didn’t use the phone very carefully: its body was scratched, the glass was cracked. But it did not matter compared to the joy of the desired purchase. Especially because I found a way fix the situation. I completely disassembled the phone, polished it and replaced the glass. Worldly-wise Nokia 8800 began to look like a new one! And it gave me great pleasure. It was wonderful feeling to hold its stainless-steel housing and to open/close the cover with slide mechanism. And then, slowly lights up and died out lights during charging, it seemed the breath of a living creature … I don’t know how long I would have enjoyed these emotional experiences, but my friend interrupted their with offer to buy my phone. He was struck by ideal condition of the phone, and he was ready to pay four times more money than I spent buying this Nokia. I doubted for a long time, but decided to leave my favorite toy. And then I could not decide for a long time which phone to buy instead.

iPhone 2g just came in fashion. It was interesting to me, but some nuances alarmed: the unofficial sale and the need to do jailbreak. But I still constantly thinking about it. As a result, I go back to ebay and made a bid for the auction seller, who agreed to send the phone for me to Ukraine. Honestly, I was not sure of winning and poorly forward to it. So I just shut down the computer and went to bed. In the next morning I check out status of the auction and was surprised to find that my bid was the highest and won! The fate or fortune, but it was my phone, and within three weeks long (so long was posting) I was holding the coveted iPhone 2g in my hands. Be sure, it was a great device. Its cool aluminum body and steel frame, black screen, and apple-logo… It was love at first sight and touch, but something in it was not enough. So I went on ebay again, where ordered a kit of metal frames and buttons, covered with gold. I set these decorations on the phone, but was not completely satisfied. And I turned to the jeweler, so he made the apple-logo of gold. Now I do like it! It is difficult to express in words the emotions that I experienced. Maybe “My PRECIOUS!” of Gollum from the “Lord of the Rings” – something like that. I even could not sleep at night, and spit my art-work in my hands.

After a couple of weeks I’m used to the unique beauty of my iPhone. However, it drew the attention of one businessman. He was so pleased with the phone, that began to insist on buying it. I was not planning leave iPhone, so promised to think over the deal diplomatically and forgot about this conversation. But the buyer was stubborn and generous. And I gave him that exclusive iPhone, already knowing that I buy iPhone 3G instead. Of course, it didn’t left it in its original form and worked it up with the design by my vision: matte black body with golden buttons and logo. And this time I immediately put it up for sale. The phone was purchased the next day, and I realized that it is necessary to organize my work and put it on regular basis. But it needs the equipment and reagents for coating with gold.

Just at that time I had a baby, challenging time. Absolutely no free money, but in view of the prospects, I decided to take a chance and bought required for use. The gilding technology is not easy, I did not have enough experience, and had to work in a garage without strong air duct and with single lamp. The experience came with practice. New tools appeared little by little, and work was in full swing. New customers turn to me, not only with phones, but also with key chains, pens and other accessories and home furnishings. Once my first 8800 even returned to my hands –  client asked for polished and covered it with gold. So the skill and reputation are accumulating. I worked with all new models of iPhone 3g, 4, 4s. Gilded frames and logos, and tried to embossing with leather. Many owners of Blackberry 9900 ordered a gold covering.

The appearance of the iPhone 5 has complicated my life: the frame of the smartphone did not want to be covered with gold for the technology I am used to. I had to look for new ways to try and experimenting. The fact that all online information about the aluminum gilding was very common and does not help in a particular problem with iPhone. There only one was obviously: the coating must be applied in several layers, which requires the very (very!) large volume of the water. There were not suitable conditions in my garage. It took from 50 to 70 liters of water to conduct a single experiment. It is needed to bring water into garage from the house. Even the twentieth experience did not satisfy me, but did not detract my desire to learn how to cover this stubborn metal. The impulse to quit take happen several times, but my obstinacy and perfectionism didn’t let stop halfway. Finally my persistence was rewarded with success! I held  iPhone 5 with housing entirely made of gold my own . It happened just before the iPhone 5S release.

As time went on, the work went on, I moved the equipment out of the garage into a more spacious and comfortable place. My toolset enlarged with functional hoods, washing and polishing devices. A large amount of orders, I could not cope alone, stimulated me to hire assistants. Then iPhone 6 and 6S arrived and new ideas and materials with it. We began to use the yellow and pink gold, and to cover the back of body with carbon fiber, wood, diamonds (not only with exotic skins). Our unalterable rule is used not only valuable materials, but also high-quality solutions that strengthen the gold layer and allowing him to stay longer and resist to mechanical damage. Now, our laboratory has its own expertise and original recipes of additives. All phases of the work we do personally manually: dismantling, processing and final assembling. Everything we need to do this is in the studio: tools, bath coating, machine for laser engraving, molding equipment, jewelry equipment, equipment for working with leather.  Dozen cool professionals run all these, each specializing in their field of craftsmanship: the coating, engraving, routing, work with wood, jewelry parts, assembly, etc. I want to point out that we use only original spare parts, which are supplied complete from factory with iPhone, Apple Watch and other gadgets. So we are creating high-quality, reliable, valuable, original and simply beautiful things.

Every phone that has passed through the hands of Aurum Edition’ masters, becomes the original and, without any exaggeration, the unique. Especially because most customers bought name engraving and/or a custom logo. This applies not only to individuals but also to corporations, including foreign ones. With the spread of information about our workshop outside Ukraine, we began to receive orders from abroad. Now our phones are enjoyed in the US, Europe and Asia. Despite the large number of orders, we always hear the customers and take all their wishes into account, we try to realize their dreams even in the smallest detail. Difficult order is a challenge, experience and opportunity to learn something new, to get better. Our products are used by politicians, show business stars and athletes. They are demanding customers, but we have manage them to surprise every time.


I note that, in spite of the unstable situation in our country, Apple electronics does not lose popularity and continues to be popular no less than the whole world. Our customers love and appreciate the smartphones and other Apple gadgets, waiting for new models and show creativity when order the customizing. We offer discounts for wholesale customers. This is a positive trend, and it shows that we have a lot of software developers, accessories, stores in Ukraine. They clearly indicated by the discussion on internet forums, young people’s interest. So I look to the future with confidence and having fun doing the favorite business in my life.

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