Apple Watch Series 8/ 8 Ultra


Apple Watch gold edition is a limited series of expensive smart watches from the American Apple brand. The main feature of this gadget is that precious stones and metals, including gold and diamonds, were used in its manufacture. In 2016, the products were discontinued due to their low popularity; later, analogues in a ceramic case appeared.

The history of the appearance of the Apple Watch with precious stones

Apple's senior engineer Jonathan Ive came up with the idea to develop a smartwatch. Moreover, he initially wanted to focus on the premium class. The concept of Apple Watch with precious stones did not appeal to the company's leaders at first, because one of the main rules of the brand is to produce high-quality IT products at an affordable price.

It wasn't until 2013 that the idea of ​​an elite Apple Watch developed, when other specialists from different companies were hired - TAG Heuer, Yves Saint Laurent Group and Burberry. The united team started to create a fundamentally new gadget.

How exclusive Apple Watch is made

At the first stage, the liquid alloy is cast into molds, followed by quenching of the metal. Interestingly, the steel hardening technology was specially developed for the production of these gadgets. Then the cooled ingots were subjected to ultrafine grinding to create a perfectly flat surface. The next steps looked like this:

  • Formation of a body billet from an ingot.
  • Thorough examination of the workpiece with ultrasound and other diagnostic methods. Revealing the slightest defects and their correction.
  • Manual processing of the case. Inlaid with precious metals, gilding.
  • Installation of electronic filling.

Apple Watch design and specifications in gold

The gadget was produced in several shades - a specific color was regulated by the amount of certain metals in the body. For its manufacture, an alloy of gold, silver, palladium and copper was used. They produced both a simple gilded version and models inlaid with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones. Case design was paramount - which is why the gold Apple Watch has become not just an expensive toy with a wide range of functions, but a sign of the high status of its owner.

Since the device was positioned as "smart", Apple tried to justify the title of the leading IT company. The main functions of the gadget can be noted:

  • take a phone call;
  • reply to SMS (voice dialing);
  • hotel room reservation;
  • GPS navigation;
  • pulse measurement.

We should also mention the "sport" side of this watch. They allow you to select several modes - "Exercise", "Mobility", "Warm-up". The gadget analyzes the owner's lifestyle and tells him when it's time to warm up. Individual achievements can be posted on social media. Together with a separate application for monitoring blood pressure, heart rate and volume of physical activity, you can create a complete training program.

The device was produced in two variations - Series 1, 2 and 3. The technical characteristics of these models are almost identical, and therefore we note only the main parameters that are hidden in the gold case of the Apple Watch:

18 hours of work without recharging;

  • 8 GB of internal memory;
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth;
  • accelerometer and gyroscope;
  • high-strength glass Ion-X;
  • dual-core W2 processor running watchOS 7;
  • altimeter and barometer;
  • GPS and GLONASS.

All this was placed in a dust-, moisture-, shockproof housing. The device feels quite normal under water at a depth of 50 m.

The main feature of smartwatches is synchronization with a smartphone. At its core, the wrist gadget over time was supposed to become a full-fledged replacement for the phone - it could receive incoming messages and calls, its rich functionality allowed it to perform most of the operations available through standard electronic devices, such as a laptop or the same smartphone. Commands could be entered through the touchscreen, or by voice, which greatly facilitated the use of the gadget.

Exclusive Apple Watch in gold with precious stones

The price of gold Apple Watch started at $ 20,000 - it is clear that they were bought not for technical stuffing (which will sooner or later become obsolete), but rather as a work of art. Show your high status and at the same time technical advancement - these are the main goals pursued by the owners of such watches.

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