Buy Samsung phones from gold

The presence of jewelry was considered valuable at any time. They emphasized the authority and wealth of their owner. Nowadays, self-sufficiency and standard of living is emphasized by the presence of fashionable functional gadgets. Associating trends with the eternal, constructive with jewels, Aurum Edition was obtained. It has turned into a work of art, with the presence of a jewelry design from a personal gadget. A lot of collaborative work has been put into the creation of each Samsung model by engineers, jewelers and designers.

The coating of elite Samsung phones combines valuable and noble materials, which include precious stones and precious metals, leather and rare woods. All this specialists turned into a single whole. The owner of such a masterpiece will be able to fully enjoy the gadget, both emotionally and aesthetically and tactilely.

Exclusive models of Samsung phones from Aurum Edition

Samsung jewelry smartphones from the exclusive collection were presented with the Aurum Edition, providing a unique opportunity for the wealthy to purchase the latest, exquisite accessory made of precious stones and metals. For sheathing the gadget, not only genuine leather is used, but python or crocodile skin, hand-crafted. The most interesting thing is that your phone is the only one in the whole world - 100% unique.

Aurum Edition is one of the few self-manufactured luxury mobile jewelry phone companies. Jewelry phones put up for sale can be found in the world's best shopping centers, jewelry and watch stores, boutiques.

Only precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and gold are used to manufacture exclusive Samsung phones. And for the inlay, unique diamonds and cutting with rubies, emeralds, etc. are used. Gadgets from the company are presented at private auctions, world luxury exhibitions, private VIP parties.

The collection of Samsung jewelry smartphones was created by the best artists and designers, as well as jewelry craftsmen from a wide variety of countries.

The masters of the company work out every detail to the smallest detail. At least 10 specialists took part in the manufacture of each phone, painstakingly working on its creation for at least two weeks, or even three months. Thanks to a high-quality approach to their work, the company's products have become known and popular all over the world.

These gadgets are now not only mobile phones, but also luxury items and great wealth. Their prices are quite expensive, corresponding to the quality. After all, business people value their status and reputation and cannot afford to use a cheap fake.

An exclusive Samsung phone also:

reliable enough;

incomparably high quality;


completely unique;

easy to manage.

How to order Samsung S22, Flip 4 in solid gold

Unlimited luxury, the dazzling brilliance of gold, the perfect cut of stones, perfectly executed details - all this is inherent in Samsung diamonds. An exclusive Samsung phone is offered to be delivered to the customer at the address in the shortest possible time and without making an advance payment.

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