Batman vs Joker

7 000$

A phone that beckons to the light and dark side. Choose who you are? A phone that has received a new jewelry design. A phone that sets new standards - both in terms of technology and design. On the side panel, a drawing is applied by hand engraving and copper inlay, with a drawing of skyscrapers, card suits and inscriptions. The back part is skillfully made, which consists of 2 carbon fibers of different colors with 3D drawing of buildings and illuminated windows, inscriptions in multi-colored enamel. The Batman logo is made of ebony, the joker is made of silver with enamel. Among other things, the card suits, which are located in the back, are made of silver with colored ceramics. The phone is unlocked for all networks around the world and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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