The warranty covers only the work performed and the installed parts. The warranty period for the repair of equipment, replacement of parts, equipment units is one year (unless otherwise agreed) and is counted from the date of delivery of equipment to the customer. The warranty card must include the type of equipment, manufacturer, model, serial number of the equipment or its parts (if any), as well as the date of repair and delivery of equipment to the customer. Without the foregoing warranty card, the product is not accepted for warranty repair.

Warranty Cases

Warranty repair is not performed in the following cases:
– the warranty period has expired;

– the warranty card confirming the guarantee is missing or unreadable;

– there is no serial number on the product (if it is provided and was indicated in the warranty card);

– in the presence of any mechanical damage, scratches, chips, dents, both outside and inside the product, as well as traces of opening or self-repair;


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