iLenta — Aurum Edition

iLenta — Aurum Edition

Aurum Edition told about the creation of an exclusive golden iPhone for Eugene Konoplyanka

The developer of unique designer smartphones, Aurum Edition, presented the exclusive midfielder Yevgeny Konoplyanka an exclusive iPhone model, thus marking his achievements in football and his love for his little daughter.

Although Apple's gadgets are still a symbol of a certain standard of living, even the newest iPhone models have gradually lost their special status. A truly exclusive smartphone will make precious materials, stylish decoration and unique design. Such models are produced by engineers, designers and precious metals specialists of Aurum Edition company, who turn popular standard serial smartphones from Apple or Samsung into a prestigious work of art.

In 2008, when the company began its work, ultramodern smartphones on the market were Nokia 8800 models. It was their team Aurum Edition used to create exclusive versions, with leather and gold trim. Then, as the basis for the design of a unique model, the company began using the first mobile devices from Apple - the iPhone, which forever changed the world of mobile technologies. Today, the golden iPhone is synonymous with success, and the Aurum Edition team has become the best of domestic companies that customize and personalize smartphones. Connoisseurs of exclusives can be assured that their version - the only one of its kind and the like of it in the world does not exist.

Harmony of lines, shades, textures and textures is achieved due to the great experience of Aurum Edition specialists in working with leather, precious metals and stones. The pedantry of their fans and their special attention to every detail of the case, logo, inlay make each of the Aurum Edition models perfect. To do this, a team of 12 specialists works on each version for more than 60 hours in a row.

Unsurpassed style and design of each model is realized with the help of the most modern tools and technologies. In response to the wishes of the client, specialists will develop unique visual forms, offer materials for realization - for example, panels from relic wood, exotic python skin, crocodile or ostrich, logo illumination, diamond encrustation. As a coating, 24-carat yellow and pink gold or platinum can be used. The coating of precious metals is made with laser engraving, milling on a 5-coordinate Swiss machine tool. Every detail is worked by hand.

Thanks to such an attentive approach to work, the company has won many customers around the world, from the US to China. One of the latest developments is the exclusive gold iPhone, created by Aurum Edition for the famous football player Eugene Konoplyanki, who now plays for the Spanish FC Sevilla. For his gadget, the company's designers have developed a unique logo, combining football symbolism and the date of birth of the daughter of the midfielder, Zlata. The new stylish accessory footballer demonstrated in his Instagram - Instagram

Other samples of the company's work can be found in the @aurumedition program account or on the website aurum- . To study unique smartphones in reality it is possible in the showroom of the company in the Kiev service center "Apple Point" on the street. Pushkin, 34. Exclusive design Aurum Edition also develops for weapons, watches, glasses, lighters and souvenirs.


Kyiv, st. Pushkinskaya 34,

service center «Apple Point»

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