Why So Serious

8 000$

Why So Serious Edition:

  • logo with jewelry enamel
  • hand engraved side parts
  • two-tone red-black jewelry carbon.
  • platinum coating.

The biggest mystery of cinematography is the Joker, who is still scary to this day. The Joker was the mastermind behind the psychopathic anarchists who, posing as an agent of chaos, rose to power in the underworld, plunging Gotham City into chaos, and brought Batman even closer to crossing the fine line between heroism and vigilance. Described as a «psychopathic, mass murderer, diabolical clown with zero empathy», the Joker was strong at both mental combat and strategic planning. His smeared clown makeup and terrible Glasgow smile added a morbid comedy to all his crimes and misdeeds. The phone is unlocked for all networks around the world and comes complete with its own unique wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity.

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